Infantry Journal 1942 02 (PDF)


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Vol. L No. 2 ……. Cover Design: River Crossing (Photo by U. S. Army Signal Corps) ……. Articles Inside: …

The Fighting Forces

From the Chief’s Office

Recipes for Victory

The Jap War Machine. By Lieutenant John Scofield

From an Old Soldier to the New. By Gerald W. Johnson

Winter Driving

Air Support in Today’s War. By Colonel Allison J. Barnett

Axis Air Transport. By J. G. Underhill

All-Out Map Error. By Major Thomas E. Stone

Ground Troops AA Methods

K-120-Unlimited. By Lieutenant Colonel G. M. Nelson

Why Not Examine Drivers?

International Military Survey

The Shape of War as It Is. By Lieutenant Edward Atlas


From the Readers of the Journal



Book Reviews