Infantry Journal 1942 01 (PDF)


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Vol. L No. 1 ……. Cover Design: Winter Fighter ……. Articles Inside: …

We know Our Foes

From the Chief’s Office

Fanatics in Uniform. By Mark J. Gayn

Planes, Tanks, Guns and Doughboys. By Lieutenant Colonel John U. Ayotte

Tank-Fighter Team — Part IV. By Lieutenant Robert M. Gerard

Tanks Can Be Stopped. By S. L. A. Marshall

The Roving Boys of 1949. By Sergeant Terry Bull

Armored Infantry Platoon Combat Team. By Colonel T. J. Camp

New Tank Destroyer Battalions

Talk of the Troops. By Lieutenant Colonel Eldridge Colby

At Least a Teck. By Captain I. W. Turner

SOP for Motor Marches. By Major Motors


From the Readers of the Journal

International Military Survey


Book Reviews