Infantry Journal 1940 11-12 (PDF)




Vol. XLVII No. 6 – 116 pages

Cover Design: Parachute Infantryman ……. Articles Inside: …

The Man Selected for Service. By Brigadier General Lewis B. Hershey with Captain Thomas M. Watlington

The Regular Army Under Test. By Colonel Cary 1. Crockett

Breakthrough, M-1940. By Major Wendell G. Johnson

Blue Meets Red. By Lieutenant Colonel John U. Ayotte

The Parachute Battalion

Transportation: The Fifth “G”? By Captain Warren S. Everett

Present, Songs! By Captain Fairfax Downey

The Little Picture. By Captain Paul W. Thompson

Bookseller in Arms. By Major Charles Winslow Elliott

Until the Guns Come Off the Line. By Captain Howard R. Johnson

The Mungo Mortar. By Sergeant Terry Bull

Fits and Starts. By Monoxide

The Infantry Teams

All God’s Chillun Got Wings. By Lieutenant Colonel Elliot D. Cooke


International Military Survey


From the Chief’s Office

Off the Record

Meet Our Authors

Book Reviews.

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