Infantry Journal 1940 05-06 (PDF)


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Vol. XLVII No. 3 ……. Cover Design: The New Antitank Gun ……. Articles Inside: …

Lessons of a Blitzkrieg. By Major General H. Rowan-Robinson

Problems of Infantry Attack Tactics. By Colonel Altrichter

Shall They Pass? By Lieutenant Edward A. Raymond

Pictures: Within the Maginot Line

Oil in Today’s War. By B. Orchard Lisle

Eyes That Saw Not. By Branch Spalding

Antitank Defense. By Major Hugh T. Mayberry

The Uses of Prophecy. By Achilles

Without Lights. By Captains Frederick M. Thompson and Edwin K. Wright

Support at Montfaucon. By Colonel Joseph H. Lewis

Lightweight Alloys. By Vulcan


International Military Survey


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