Infantry Journal 1940 03-04 (PDF)


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Vol. XLVII No. 2 ……. Cover Design: English Bowmen. By Lieutenant D. L. Dickson, USMCR

Attack or Defense? By Major Thomas R. Phillips

Man on Horseback. By Fletcher Pratt

The Military Mind Meets the Motor. By Major Roslyn Seymour

What Every Reserve Officer Should Know. By Captain Gunner

The Taking of Montfaucon. By Major Elbridge Colby

Choose Your Weapons. By Sergeant Terry Bull

Pictures: The Balkans

Armory Training to Produce Leaders. By Major Myron P. Lund

Why Military History? By Lieutenant Colonel ]. M. Scammell

Hear No . . See No . . Speak No . . By Lieutenant James D. Wilmeth

The Ins-and-Outs of Military Hair. By Captain Frederick P. Todd

Snug as a Bug. By Captain Joseph H. Harper

No One Froze to Death. By Lieutenant James T. Parmelee

Pictures: Snow Stuff

Ore From the CCC Hill. By Captain Arthur Symons

Entraining a Light Tank Company. By Major William F. Heavey



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