Infantry Journal 1940 01-02 (PDF)


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Vol. XLVII No. 1 ……. Cover Design: Awaiting the Hedgehopper. Photo by Infantry School ……. Articles Inside: …

Background for Lightning War. By Brigadier General Henry J. Reilly

A Military Vacuum. By Major J. Halpin Connolly

The Iron Bulls of John Bull. By Lieutenant James D. Wilmeth

Old Rough and Ready. By Captain Fairfax Downey

“Shuttling.” By Lieutenant Colonel William G. Livesay

Pictures: Finns, Norwegians, Swedes

Sleeping Warm. By Captain Zero

Partisan Warfare. By Lieutenant Jack W. Rudolph

Defense—Chinese Style. By Sergeant Terry Bull

Hoffmann (Max Hoffman). By H. A. DeWeerd

War Dogs. By Cerberus

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