Infantry Journal 1939 09-10 (PDF)


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Vol. XLVI No. 5 ……. Cover Design: The New Medium Tank. Photograph by Lieutenant Colonel Francis R. Fuller ……. Articles Inside: …

Word Magic of the Military Mystics. By Major Thomas R. Phillips

Bill Busher Goes to College. By Major E. D. Cooke

Moulding Men For Battle. By Major General Hanson E. Ely

What Every Unit Instructor Should Know. By Captain Gunner

Little Phil (Sheridan) — Part I. By Fletcher Pratt

Battlefield Inertia. By Colonel John W. Lang

Pictures: Red Army

Kitchener and Gallipoli By H. A. DeWeerd

Tanks in Picardy. By Captain James A. McGuire

Stopping the Mobile Mass. By Major Eldridge Colby

Machine-Gun Transportation. By Captain Joseph Parilla

International Military Survey



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