Infantry Journal 1939 07-08 (PDF)


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Vol. XLVI No. 4 ……. Cover Design Gas! ……. Articles Inside: …

War in a Mechanistic Civilization. By Major J. Halpin Connolly.

Mutiny Or a Bounty? By Major Charles Window Elliott

A New Phase in China. By Lieutenant Jack W. Rudolph

Place of the Modified BAR in Organization. By Colonel Lloyd R. Fredendall

Chemical Support of Infantry. By Lieutenant Colonel Augustin Al. Prentiss

Italian Army — Pictures

Block Those Roads. By Major William F. Heavey

Field Marshal Economics. By Dr. Fritz Sternberg

Japanese Infantry Platoon. By Captain Merritt B. Booth

Modern Military Terminology. By Davus

Tomorrow’s Troop Carrier? By Sergeant Terry Bull



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