Infantry Journal 1939 05-06 (PDF)


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Vol. XLVI No. 3 ……. Cover Design: Field Soldier. Photograph by Corporal Eugene C. Tinsley ……. Articles Inside: …

The Glory of the Soldier. By Major Thomas R, Phillips

Dirt in the M1 Rifle. By Captain Rothwell H. Brown

The Infantry Mortars. By Captain Harold G. Sydenham

Second Platoon — Part II. By Sergeant Terry Bull

Educating the War Leader. By Captain Edward Y. Blewett

British Army — Pictures

Germany’s Tactical Doctrine. By Captain Harlan N. Hartness

The Campaign of Persistence: Bonaparte in Italy — Part III. By Fletcher Pratt

Take It Away, Army! By Captain Francis S. Drath

Sensible Summer Shirts. By Captain Edwin J. Van Home

A Fighting Rifle Company. By Lieutenant David W. Gray

Camouflage Today. By Captain Peter Rodyenko and Lieutenant James D. Wilmeth

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