Infantry Journal 1939 03-04 (PDF)




116 pages

Vol. XLVI No. 2 ……. The Slate-Blue Test Uniform. Cover Design By Lent Thomas ……. Articles Inside: …

The Tactics of the New Infantry Regiment. By Major General George A. Lynch

Strategy in the Mediterranean. By Major General Henry Rowan-Robinson

Second Platoon. By Sergeant Terry Bull

Climax in Catalonia. By Captain Wendell G. Johnson

Orders Is Orders. By Major E. D. Cooke

Ammunition Supply in the New Regiment. By Lieutenant Colonel Richard G. Tindall

The Campaign of Surprise: Bonaparte in Italy — Part II. By Fletcher Pratt

Soldiers of France — Pictures

The Modern Automatic. By Captain Rothwell H. Brown

Bridging the Extension Course Gap. By Major Paul L, Reed

The Infantry: Tank Firing in the Attic.

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