Infantry Journal 1939 01-02 (PDF)


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Vol. XLVI No. 1 ……. Cover Design: None ……. Articles Inside: …

Bonaparte In Italy. By Fletcher Pratt

Palestine Some Aspects of the Military Problem. By Major William Yale

Leader and Led. By Major Thomas R. Phillips

Blackout. By Lieutenant Milan G. Weber

Opposite the Maginot Line — Pictures

Decline of a Leader — Part II. By Captain Frederick Bernays Wiener

Is the Air Master? By Cadet-Lieutenant E. G. Mandeville Roe

The Paperwork Tail and the Training Dog. By Major Richard M. Sandusky

Twenty Million Reds. By Lieutenant Colonel Charles A. Willoughby

Minds and Machines. By Major Elbridge Colby

One Hundred Thousand Guinea Pigs. By Captain Gunner

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