IMPACT 1945 09-10 (PDF)




116 pages
Vol. 3 No. 9

This is the final issue of IMPACT. It is devoted entirely to the part played by the Army Air Forces in the war against Japan. No attempt has been made to give a full account of the achievements of the Navy, Marines and Ground Forces. Articles Inside:
Part 1 INTRODUCTION An analysis of why the Japanese lost the war, pp. 1-5. Part 2 THE LONG TREK The story of the Fifth, Thirteenth, Seventh and Eleventh Air Forces, pp. 6-31.
Part 3 ASIA FLANK Story of the Tenth Air Force in India and the Fourteenth in China, pp. 32-41.
Part 4 BLOCKADE The war of attrition against Jap shipping and the B-29 mining blockade of the Homeland, pp. 42-51.
Part 5 THE B-29ers, The life and achievements of the 20th Air Force in the Marianas, pp. 52-83.
Part 6 B-29 PAYOFF How the Twentieth Air Force wrecked the Jap war economy in five months, pp. 84-93.
Part 7 ATOM BOMB The two jolts at Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Some speculation on the future, pp. 94-101.
Part 8 FINALE What the Japanese themselves have to say about the effectiveness of the B-29, pp. 102-Back Cover.