IMPACT 1945 08 (PDF)




68 pages
Vol. 3 No. 8

Cover: Napalm bombing in Luzon
Keeping the home fires burning: Kobe, 5 June
Japan on the Eve; Home front and war front rapidly becoming one
Okinawa – next stop Japan itself?
Kamikaze scored may misses; USS Cabot, USS Pasadena, USS South Dakota, Essex and Bunker Hill
But scored many hits, too; USS Hancock, USS St. George, Bunker Hill
It was just as rough on shore (Okinawa); Naha, suicidal japs who landed on Yontan
Fire Blitz – progress report on the incendiary bombing of Japan; Yokohoma, Osaka, Tokyo, Kobe, Yokohoma-Kawasaki, Nagoya
Incendiaries tough on some big plants
What burned in one area of Tokyo
The over-all results are examined
Losses low, getting lower; phosphorous flak; B-29 of 314th Wing going down near Kobe; black bottoms now standard for B-29s
Farmosa – ex-bastion now a 5th AF “Milkrun”; keisho sugar mill; B-25 of the 5th AF’s 345th Bomb Group, number 192, crashes at Byoritsu oil refinery
Fifth AF also socks Indo-China shipping; Saigon naval yard; B-32 Terminators
Borneo – Balikpapan finally ours
Napalm – fire bombs turn trick against holed-up Nips in Luzon; Thunderbolts attack enemy at Ipo Dam east of Manila; Luzon; General Walter Krueger
Jap Long-Range bombers are paper balloons; captured at Alturas, Cal a balloon is examined in the US; Here is what makes balloons tick; Estimated flight path of Japanese balloons
Big blue “Cats” prowl Pacific; mine detonation experts at Puerto Galera, supplies to Moro and Sulu guerrillas; recusing two year old daughter of pathologist
Experimental Bomber – XB-42 is First in 400-mile-per-hour class
11th AF keeps knocking at Jap’s back door in Kuriles; Paramushiru Strait
American Buzz Bomb ( V1 ) now gets in air from 50-foot launching ramp; B-17 with two JB-2 (V1) as payload
Spooks sometimes show up on radar scopes