IMPACT 1945 06 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 6
5th AF Air Apaches on Warpath against Japanese Ships ….. Photo: B-29 soars over crash-landed Superfort at Iwo ….. Isolating Japan; bloackading the Dutch East Indies, 13th AF Libs attack ships in Makassar Straits …..

The 5th AF keeps Davy Jones busy; Mako harbor, 345th Bomb Group ….. Here are the secrets of Apache success; Amoy …..
14th AF clogs up Japanese land traffic, 341st Bomb Group, Ninh Binh, Yen Do canal, Tsingato airfield, Ha Trung, Phu Lang Thong …..
Aerial mines pollute Japanese waters; Mark 26 magnetic mine, Mark 13 Mod 5 acoustic mine ….. The climatic phase: cutting off Japan from Manchuria and North China; Fushun, Ching-Hsing, Hsingking, Anshan, Great Nurupi coal mine …..
B-29 strikes; fire missions and low-level technique; Nagoya, big chunk of Osaka is burned up ….. Kobe: shipbuilding center is more than a quarter destroyed …..
Pinpointing flatens the big plant, Musashino Nakajima, Koriyana chemical plant, Nakajima Ota plant ….. Iwo is now a jam-packed fighter base; Black Widows over Iwo, Mt. Suribachi; helicopter drops off supplies on Mt. Suribachi …..
Kamikaze; Failing Japanese turn to suicide weapons; attack on USS Missouri and Suwanne ….. Baka the suicide rocket plane …..
New computing sights vastly improve aerial gunnery; K-17, K-15 ….. Big bombs for big bombers; B-29 Tall Boy; Tirpitz on its side; Sub pens at Hamburg, Tall Boys and Grand Slam …..
For better bombing, try Crawfish, Mulhause rail bridge ….. White phosphotus blots out German Flak in Italy, WP-filled M-47 ….. Miscellany, random photos of aerial incidents ….. 325th Photo Wing makes super models; Bohlen oil refinery, Wesel …..
How 8th, 1st TACAF open entrance to Bordeaux port; Royan, Pointe de Grave, Fort de Royan ….. P-80 Shooting Star give a preview in Italy …..
Air packed potent punch in Italy windup; Carpet attacks paved the way; Senio, Lugo, Operation Plaster, Santerno …..
Fighters sped German’s end; Brenner Pass near Verona, XXII TAC Brazilian pilots attacks; Tresinaro river, Modena, Ora, Borgoforte, Operation Mallory Major, Genoa, La Spezia, cruiser Gorizia ….. Ghurka paratrooper over Rangoon