IMPACT 1945 05 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 5
Articles Inside: … U. S. TACTICAL AIR POWER IN EUROPE ….. Part 1 – Beginnings: The Advantages and Disadvantages Possessed by the Germans at the Start; our Theory of Tactical Air Power. ….. Part 2 – The Early Air-Ground Lessons Learned in Africa. ….. Part 3 – A Year of Feverish Preparation for Normandy by the 9th AF in England; Attacks on Airfields, Rails, and the V-Weapon Sites; the Plans for D-Day and Pre-Invasion Operations. ….. Part 4 – The Invasion and the Days Immediately Following. ….. Part 5 – The Breakthrough at St. Lo and the Operations of the Tactical Air Forces in the Sweep Across France. ….. Part 6 – The Relationship of Tactical Air Forces to the Ground Armies While the Front Was Relatively Static: the Tasks Performed by Radar. ….. Part 7 – Tactical Operations of MAAFAnzio, the “Strangle,” Air Aid to Russia, Sealing the Brenner Pass. ….. Part 8 – A Carpet Bombing Failure, an Analysis of the German Counter-Offensive in the Ardennes. ….. Part 9 – The Final Smash into the Heart of Germany.