IMPACT 1945 02 (PDF)




72 pages
Vol. 3 No. 2

Wrinkled by icy winds, B-26s cross Alps to bomb Germany (tail number 2107550 67)
8th AF Combat Wing en route to Germany
ETO -another tactical air triumph; How air met the Bulge crisis; An American B-26 of the Franco-American Air Force bombing Kaiserlautern  
AAF fighters scored heavily in smashing the German offensive; St. Vith, strafing tanks on Bastogne road
The 8th hits airfields 
to squelch attacks on our fighters; Whalen, Duren, Morscheid, Euskirchen, Kirch Gonz hit ….. Bridges and rails, Wasserbillig, Trier  
Air battle above the front, Puffendorf
Duren breakthrough bombing
B-26 vs Nazi strongpoints, Wissembourg  

9th AF winter troubles, Liberator going down over Hanau; two Forts collide over England
Here’s what halts the Hun: collapsed tunnel near 

Eschweiler, Metz
One blow – out for good, Matford plant at Strasbourg
MAAF, Brenner interdiction plan, transformer stations 

are knocked out: Verona, Domegliara, Ala
And the rail-cutting continues; Aim: keep ahead of the Nazi repair crews; Cittadella, depot at Verona 

What bombs do the trick? 12th AF reaches some conclusions
15th’s Big Week vs. oil, German Synthetic plants plastered; Vienna
Winter weather aids Nazis, operations tough without Mickey; Blechhammer North Effective jamming of Hun radar helps cut 15th 
AF flak losses
Burma – supply lines, weather ser war pattern; Vital link, Kalewa Grub, Assam  Bhamo
Pinpointing at Ye, Dara bridge  

And the bridges falling everywhere, Bilin road
Bridgeless Bilin
B-29s; Sky full of bombs, all-incendiary mission guts Hankow dock area  

The VHB formations; XXI bomber command flies 11-plane squadron
XX bomber command; Modified 12-plane stagger is basic unit
Flying in the soup; This is how XXI B.C. penetrates weather T
he weather problem in attacking Japan; Model technique shows typical conditions met by 

the 29s operating from Marianas
Ditching the superfort; Getting out, some Do’s and Don’ts
Frangible bullet, T-44  

Asia Roundup, 13th AF “Snoopers” keep Borneo oil burning; Boenjoe, Dondang Hitting Japanese guns at Goeroea, Sandakan, Hanoi; 
Impact PI Award 14th uses installment plan to destroy its biggest targets, Gia Lam, Hanoi Up in Paramushiru, Toroshima Retto  
The P-80 is easy