IMPACT 1945 01 (PDF)




60 pages
Vol. 3 No. 1

Strafing at Haha Jima
B-29s, takeoff for Tokyo
We are fighting on the eastern front, too; bridge across Danube, twin Sava River 

at Belgrade, Morava river at Kraljevo, Yugoslavia; Pancevo bridge hit
U.S. Buzz bomb, V1 tested at Wright Field, JB-2
B-17 picks up P-47 at 160 MPH in rescue test
AAF in the Pacific: 1944 review
FEAF works out on Japanese fleet, 

sinks pair of light cruisers; Panay, Negros
13th AF “Long Rangers” ride against Japanese BBs, Sulu sea
Airfields hit too; Lahyug, Cebu, Dumaguete airfield, Negros
Volcanic Bonins re-erupt under 7th & 20th AF bombs, 

Libs parked on Isley Field, Saipan; Chichi Jima, Futami Ko harbor
Saipan:B-29 springboard to Tokyo 

Work and play, Ralph Taylor and Helda Halverson
Tokyo Rose – first flight over Tokyo since Doolittle; R.S. Steakley 

Ready, set, go; Shady Lady plane, Irving Blumefield, General Emmett O’Donnell, Maj. Brogan, first Tokyo mission  
Bombs fall on Tokyo
Boxscore & battle damage from Tokyo raid, Sam Bolinsky
The Japanese hit back 

B-25s at Hong Kong; Low level attack sinks 5 ships
The GAF – a great air force is great no more. Reasons: allied growth,

allied attacks and its own mistakes
Fighter kills pictures including Me-262 and Me-163
Cave factory at Astier ….. 

ETO escort, climb formation, battle formation, escort formation
German Flak, it is more rugged than ever  

But works goes on, 8th gets in greatest blows, Mitteland Canal
Aero engine plant hit, Gaggenau  

Ordnance depot rocked, Hamburg /Glinde
Synthetic  oil hit, zmisburg and Bottrop
Island of Jaluit demolished