IMPACT 1944 12 (PDF)




56 pages
Vol. 2 No. 12

Cover: ZEKE pokes at 14th AF B-24s over Hong Kong
Balikpapan – Ploesti of the East Indies
Napalm Bomb at St. Malo – Bombing of Metz Forts; Isle de Cezembre
8th AF Fighter Havoc; Gisors, France, Campiegne
China Air Base Retreat – Tanchuk
Bombing of Hong Kong and bridges; Kowloon, Dai Giang, Hue
Captured Oscar vs. P-47D; Lt. C.F. Whistler and A.V. Jackson
Surprise at Gorontalo, 5th AF bombs Celebes Harbor
East Indies Oil
B-29 Field Day, Okayama smashed
B-17 “Miracle” – Fort cut in two makes it home from Debrecen raid; pilot 2nd Lt. G.M. Miller of the Second Bomb Group (238078)
The New AAF B-24 – XB-24N single-tail
The V-2 Rocket, Peenemunde
Holland Airborne Invasion; Air resupply vital in airborne attack; Arnhem
The A-26 in Combat Debut
Beaufighter Razzle Dazzle Elbing and Seetier
Facts about Ploesti; Astra Romana, Creditul Minier, Standard & Unirea, Romana Americana, Concordia Vega, Colombia Aquila, Xenia, Steaua Romana, Dacia Romana; Smoke defenses; Flak defenses
The air-tank team