IMPACT 1944 11 (PDF)




52 pages
Vol. 2 No. 11

Cover: 130 MPH human pick-up
Articles Inside: Criss-crossing Thunderbolts guard 8th AF Forts
ETO Strategic Campaign: Rostock
8th AF blasts Peenemunde; electrostatic plant
Ordnance production in Silesia and Ruhr being whittled down; Weimar
Tryck, tank factories smashed: Fallersleben; Bremen, Borgward 8th AF target damage: Standart Oil Gennevilliers in Paris, Hispano Suiza, Renault plant in Paris The XP-47N – new and improved P-47 has much more range
Interdiction in France; Seine river interdiction line; German tanks, M/T were cut to pieces; Belfort yard battered
Black Widows, P-61, over France
Thunderbombers – P-38 “Droopsnoot” photo plane follows P-47s to obtain striking low-level obliques; Mantua
Ploesti in Flames
P-47 First Carrier Ride Into Combat; Oahu, Hawaii; Saipan; Fort Island
21st Recon Squadron makes history; F-5 Frantic; Major G.H. Fulcher, Major W. Nicholls, Lt. Col. John C. Foster; Mukden to Manila, Takao, Okayama, Bangkok, Corregidor, Cap St. Jacques
War Factors in Far East, Formosa
Philippines Invasion, Leyte, Dulag
Neutralizing Iwo Jima
B-24 Gets New Nose
Attacks on B-29s by Nips
Human Pick-up; Pvt. Constantine Stiakatis, H.C. Conway
Night attack on U-Boat