IMPACT 1944 10 (PDF)




52 pages
Vol. 2 No. 10

Cover: Nips on the Lam
Articles Inside: Three-dimensional attack on Westwall, C-47s over flooded Holland Use of Rockets – versatile new weapon for fighters is product of World War II; P47 attack near Marigny; Captain Dean; HVAR 5-inch is rough on tanks
14th AF in West China; Lashio and Lungling, the Hunan Front, Yochow, Hainan 7th AF at Saipan; C-46 at Aslito airfield; P-47 at Saipan destroyed after Japanese attack
From Saipan the 7th batters the Bonins, Chichi Hima, Iwo Jima
Palau, Philippines, N.E.I.; Pelelieu; Koror, Lieanan airfield
The rich East Indies, Japan is already threatened with their loss, Boela
Holland Airborne Invasion – 82nd and 1001st Airborne Division
GAF ( German Air Force ) Strike at Poltava; 47 B-17s destroyed
Ploesti Ground Photos; Concordia Vega, Astra Romana, Creditul Minier; Statistics of the campaign
Southern France Invasion; Toulon, Niece
Preliminary study of beaches from air helped determine best invasion spots; photo of raft used to drop pyramids; St. Raphael; Frejus beach, Le Muy; paratroopers of the Troop Carrier Troop Division; Montelimar, Maquis
Newest Attempts of GAF ( German Air Force ); Me 163, V-1 lunched from planes, JU-88 filled with explosives
Jap Steel; Yawata; Anshan steel plant
Tail Warning Radar real neck saver
Wrecked Hun Hangars; Chateaudun; St. Andre Leure
8th AF fighters blast ammunition trains