IMPACT 1944 08 (PDF)




American Air Force magazine. 60 pages.
Content:” Vol. 2 No. 8 ……. Articles Inside: … Air War against Japan; Wojte ….. Map of Air Offensive ….. First look at Kuriles at Day: four Liberators fight off fighters on daring mission; Paramushiro; 11th AF ….. Mosaic of Matsuwa Base ….. Japanese are Left to rot in Marshalls as 7th AF stabs towards Tokyo ….. Saipan becomes new US base: P-61Black Widows at Kwajalein Base ….. Softening-Up of Noemfoor by AAF Helps Unopposed Landing on 2 July; P-47s ….. 5th AF wrecks ships, planes; A-20s attack Manokwari ….. Truk and Yap take the rap ….. AAF in CBI helps ground troops trap Japanese Troops, Supplies dropped at Myitkyina; Air gets a bouquet ….. AAF Cameras Pry Out Japanese Homeland’s Secrets: Yawata Steel Mills; Sasebo naval Base ….. German Fuel Situation; Decreased capability of all fronts looms as spectre for thirsty Wehrmacht; Bratislava Refinery, Torrito, Rome, Porto Marghera ….. Hit parade, Italy ;Italy Communications Damage: Viterbo, Ostiense, Pescara, Tiburtina ….. ATC Operates a New Skyway to Siberia; Alaska Lend-lease Route ….. Catalogue of ATC Bases: Great Falls, East Base; Edmonton, Grand Prairie, Watson Lake, Whitehorse, Big Delta, Ladd Field ….. Galena Blues: River Stay ‘Way from My Door; Reds take planes from Ladd Field, A-20s; At Nome: Soviet officers dance with American beauties ….. New Normandy Air Strip- Ninth Engineer Command ….. Air Helps In Taking Cherbourg ….. Navy TAI Men Make Big Saipan Haul – 24 Japanese Planes Nipped Under Nip Noses During Battle; Saipan Plane Salvage; Aslito airfield ….. Rocket Attacks in China; Triple-Threat Air Attack Given Punch by Rockets; B-25H with 6 rockets ….. England Suffers a New Blitz as the German Strike with the V-1 Robot Flying Bomb; Typical Ski Site Sketch; Yvrench, Sorellerie, Vignacourt ….. Power Boost Stick Reduces Pilot Fatigue ….. Now We Bomb form USSR; 325th; 8th AF, Gen. Permonov, Gen Walsh; Debreczen Hit, Foscani, Rumania; S/Sgt. Tom Summers of Texas with Lt. Vorkov of Leningrad ….. Drohobych, in Path of Red Army, Hit by 8th ….. Bomb Kayo Guns, Normandy; Irrawaddy bridges hit; Budapest/Szony hit, Guilianova Bridge destroyed; Tiger Tank and two 88s strafed; Civitavecchia hit ….. Fighters Are Racking Up Best Score Against Vengeance Bombs … Pressure Suit Eases “G” Forces on Pilots”