IMPACT 1944 06 (PDF)




Vol. 2 No. 6  ….. Cover: Biggest and smallest ….. An airscoop for Mr. Ripley, a ship explodes sending secret paperwork into oncoming US plane …..
Main pre-invasion attacks center on rails, air bases; Europe poinded by huge campaign tomsoften up Germany’s defenses; Busigny rail, …..
UK fighters are hot from deck up; Lts. Peter Pompetti and Macie V. Marlowe, Lt. Conger, Walter Beckham ….. Holes in runways, roofless hangars sop for GAF fields; Nancy-Essey, Gijon-Longvic, Lyon-Bron …..
We are attacking heaviest rail concentration on earth; Hasselt yard, Charleroi, Creil ….. Tonage statistics can be misleading; Busigny, Namur ….. Gun positions, minefields also receive Ttention; radar station at Douvres-LaDeliverance, Le Havre-Le Grand Clos, Maneville-Es-Plains, Cabourg coastal mine belt …..
Air assault still has its price ….. Japanese Kurile secrets unmasked at night; Paramushiro, Matsuwa Island ….. 7th Bomb Group hits jackpots; Thittabwe, Yenangyaung oil plant, Lampang airfield ….. Burma bridges falling down -again; Meza bridge, Myittha bridge …..
Low recce for vital close-ups; Anzio, Pescara,Italy; Netkovic, Jugoslavia ….. First view of polish base – Heinkel factory at Mielec …..
Pompeii 1944 A.D.; photos of damaged US planes ….. 12-Ship stagger for heavies recommended ….. Air aid for Red Army; Balkan, Budapest-Vesces, Nis ….. Storming the iron gate; Brasov, Campina, Turnu Severin ….. Ploesti gets plastered, too …..
Air strip built above the clouds; Burma, Kumkidu ….. For the photo interpreter; different types of cranes, Kiel ….
Debut near for potent A-26B ….. Toward Tokio: an atol roos; Tarawa, General Truman H. Landon, Kwajalein, windmill washing machine rigged by Bernard Korsgard and Joe Burkett ….. Hollandia; Wake Island, Wotje, General MacArthur …..
Army, Navy pack double wallop; Woleai air base, Palau ….. Wingman plays role of “Blocking Back” in aerial fighter combat; John T. Godfrey, Don Gentile, Thomas J. Lymch,  Jogn T. Godfrey ….. Teammates share two Sallys, Tonny; Thomas J. Lynch and Richard Bong ….. More on the B-29 ….. Burnning Fortress still droping bombs over Berlin