IMPACT 1944 05 (PDF)




48 pages – 4 pages missing
Vol. 2 No. 5

Cove: Buzzed and bombed by 5th AF A-20 ….. Air commandos invade Burma; gliders at Lalaghat; General Wingate, Colonel Cochran; 
C-47, Missouri Traveler; Piccadilly landing suspended by Gen. George Stratemyer AAF show has first night on Broadway; Lt. Col. Gatey
The days after D-Day; Aberdeen; dropping supplies
It wouldn’t be possible but for this; B-25s bomb Wuntho  

Monsoons, this is one way for bombing formations to get through
German bearing industry developing hot box; Berlin, Erkner plant, 

bearing manufacture highly complicated; Stuttgarter bearing plant, Steyr ball bearing plant in Austria; SKF plant in Paris, Ivry 
Hunting Japanese wrecks with Swpa natives, New Guinea
5th AF blows cut Japanese ship lanes, Wewak 

Hollandia, crowded New Guinea base given the Kenney Cure
Green Islands are nabbed for new air bases; nurse Ann Ganzbuhl 

Introducing the P-51 in combat; models show successful tactics against Tojo and FW-190; against FW-190, ‘B’ is speedy, agile, P-51D  
Brute strength saves B-24; Cape Gloucester, Lt. Harold S. Mulhollen
Rail lines cut off across Italy; Cecina, Arezzo Viaduct ….. 

How to miss cultural sites, Florence
Cassino round two; 17 missions routed over small target in four hour period 

Night fighters, P-61; Me-110
Night pictures help spot Japanese moves in SWPA; Lautem, Langgoer, Noehoe island, Namlea airfield, 

Laha field, Amboina
For the photo interpreter, Japanese industry, airplane plant at Okayama, Nippon aluminum plant at Takao 

Photo – jackal closes on wounded lion – Me-410 chases straggling B-24 over Alps 
Even Aces Get into Trouble, P-38 in action, Capt. Richard I. Bong with 5th Air Force
Make Jap Commit Self, Maj. T.J. Lyneh   

Briefing Aids – models, perspective maps, landfall strips show look of targets from the air: Ploesti, Bremen, Holland  
B-29, First True Heavy Bomber; B-29 over the Coulees of Kansas   
Citizen’s-Eye View of Trondheim 
Formations for low level escort in SW Pacific; attack on Rabul, Boram airport near Wewak
Formations 5th AF uses en route to target and during actual bombing
Rabaul Harbor – Sample of Resulta from 5th AF Tactics; Jap ships hit: Hokuyo Maru, Hakusan Maru, Gosei Maru, Hayasaki, Yamabiko, Haruna Maru, Lyons Maru, Onoe Maru  

For the Photo-Interpreter: Invasion Defences; Coastal defences battery near Cape Nez, France; anti-tank ditches near Ijmuiden, the Netherlands; anti-aircraft battery near Ostend and Emden; Dunkerque  
Flak: Don’t Let It Get You Down – two schools of thought exist on problem of evading AA fire; downed US planes during mission to Cognac
B-17 is victim of flak off coast of Norway, Rjukan

Naples Victim of Allies,  Nazis; vessel Sicilia, Lombardia, Imam Airframe Works 
Choking Off Nazi Transportation: Rimini, Pola, Leaning tower of Pisa, Prato 
Central Pacific Pattern: Tarea strip on Maloelap, Taroa
More Aspects of War As Waged by 7th AF: Emidj island, Mili island
Naru, an Old Acquaintance
Foe prepared for Central Pacific Landings  

Back Cover – Williwaw vs. Landing Mat; 11th Air Force strip damaged