IMPACT 1944 03 (PDF)




Vol. 2 No. 3 ……. Cover: Vital junction in battle for Rome ….. Articles Inside: … AAF in Battle for Beachhead; German motor column below Rome; rail line cut at Taggia ….. Air, land routes cut far to north and east; Klagenfurt, Giulianova ….. A-20s strike at roads from Rome to Anzio; Cisterna Di Littoria; Frosinone; Rome, Littorio airfield ….. Airfields, rail lines at Rome out by D-Day; Guidonia airfield, Velletri ….. Luftwaffe’s weak attack on landing, bombs fall on LSTs ….. Large panorama of D-Day at Anzio-Nettuno ….. Wallop at Bari shows that GAF is still potent; allied ships burning at Bari; one of the destroyed ships, John Harvey, was carrying mustard gas ….. Axis Shipping Hit at Toulon ….. Greenland Weather; Life is hard for AAF stations; Atterbury, T-15 tractor, Cape Adalaer, Theodolite at Ikateq ….. West Coast installations more pretentious; Umnak; Radiosonde unit, Narsarssuak; BW-1 ….. Six Japs in One Day shot down by Col. Neel W. Kearby in his P-47 ….. Leaflets Are Weapons of Attack; Dropped by the AAF, they inform our friends and weaken our foes; New Guinea; examples of leaflets: for Formosa, “a Jap square meal” L’Amerique en Guerre no 79, American cigarettes and matches ….. Whittling Down Jap Shipping near Bismarck archipelago ….. No Rest for Ports, Bridges; Over the MU to YE-U, rail line to vital Burmese area is cut ….. Cannon-Packing B-25; 75 mm cannons, Pistol Packing Mamma ….. Jap Supply Dump at Vunapope….. Evolution of a B-25 ….. For the Photo-Interpreter, facts on Formosa ….. A-20 Tactics by the French fliers, A-20s; Cross of Lorraine….. Long Range Escort and gas capacity ….. Return to Rjukan * Specific Damage at Tarawa