IMPACT 1944 02 (PDF)




Vol. 2 No. 2 ……. Articles Inside: … B-29 …. Air War catches Up to the Comic Strips, Skies over Europe Exhibit Some Weird and Bizarre Sights; rocket bursts surround B-17 over Emden; ME-210 making cannon-firing runs; St. Dizier, France – rocket attack on US formation …. Results of Bombing Through Overcast: Bremen, Kiel …. Old-Fashioned Visual Still Good; here’s Sample of Tactical Pasting by 9th AF …. Strategic Attacks on Bearing Works by Both Strategic Air Forces: Paris, C.A.M. Works, Bois Colombes, Ivry, Turin, Fiat Works ….. Target: Formosa – Jap Is Solidly Entrenched; Under 14th attack, this island is one step nearer enemy’s homeland; Mosaic of Tainan Area, Einansho Airfield; Shinchiku, Formosa …. Joint Campaign by 10th, 14th: Inseit hit …. ….. Even Aces Get into Trouble, P-38 in action, Capt. Richard I. Bong with 5th Air Force …. Make Jap Commit Self, Maj. T.J. Lyneh ….. Briefing Aids – models, perspective maps, landfall strips show look of targets from the air: Ploesti, Bremen, Holland ….. B-29, First True Heavy Bomber; B-29 over the Coulees of Kansas ….. Citizen’s-Eye View of Trondheim ….. Formations for low level escort in SW Pacific; attack on Rabul, Boram airport near Wewak … Formations 5th AF uses en route to target and during actual bombing …. Rabaul Harbor – Sample of Resulta from 5th AF Tactics; Jap ships hit: Hokuyo Maru, Hakusan Maru, Gosei Maru, Hayasaki, Yamabiko, Haruna Maru, Lyons Maru, Onoe Maru ….. For the Photo-Interpreter: Invasion Defences; Coastal defences battery near Cape Nez, France; anti-tank ditches near Ijmuiden, the Netherlands; anti-aircraft battery near Ostend and Emden; Dunkerque ….. Flak: Don’t Let It Get You Down – two schools of thought exist on problem of evading AA fire; downed US planes during mission to Cognac — B-17 is victim of flak off coast of Norway, Rjukan ….. Naples Victim of Allies, Nazis; vessel Sicilia, Lombardia, Imam Airframe Works ….. Choking Off Nazi Transportation: Rimini, Pola, Leaning tower of Pisa, Prato ….. Central Pacific Pattern: Tarea strip on Maloelap, Taroa … More Aspects of War As Waged by 7th AF: Emidj island, Mili island … Naru, an Old Acquaintance … Foe prepared for Central Pacific Landings ….. Back Cover – Williwaw vs. Landing Mat; 11th Air Force strip damaged