IMPACT 1944 01 (PDF)




52 pages
Vol. 2 No. 1

Cover: Phosphorus bombs
Articles Inside: … Aerial Burma Road; Vital phase of war kept going by air power; Kunming field; Johrat; C-87; Tezpur; Pfc. Max Yurconic of Egypt, Pa
Kenney Cocktails; Lakunai Field, Rabaul, Awar
Bombing Through Overcast; New technique involving radar methods gets tryout on big scale; Wilhelmshaven hit
How German Radar Works; Wurzburg German radar; small Wurzburg at Bruneval Castle, Dieppe; Wurzburg dials and re-enactment of planes’ approach
B-25 Sinks Ship at Swatow
P-40 Decoys for P-38s; Shihhweiyao dock; Bruce K. Holloway
Winter’s Tale: Bombs on Norway; Rjukan, Knaben, Oslo
Watch the fjords go by
Fighters Aren’t Like Ducks; Position firing has new, simplified system of aiming
For the Photo Interpreter; What PI did and didn’t know about Munda
Low Level Lowdown; Cameras in bombers give intelligence added facts; Cape Gloucester, Dagua, Fort Bayard, China
Around the Mediterranean; Toulon, Marseille, Salon de Provence, Skoplje, Yugoslavia, Athens attacked
B-17s find good formation vital in South Europe
B-26s stike Italy, Alife; B-26 crash-landed in Africa, flew on one engine
Antwerp and LeBourget
Rescue by Night; Sgt. H. E. Jones; Capt. Dean D. Wallace, L.A. Kozon; 7th Air Force Gliders by Night