IMPACT 1943 12 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 9 ……. Articles Inside: … Flying Claws Pinch Japs; Countless parafrags settle on Bettys at Vunakanau field, Rabul ….. 13th AF in the South; Buka, Kara, Tarawa Atoll, Wake ….. The Navy Plus 7th AK, Wake, Peale Island, Wewak, Kavieng ….. Jap Fields and Defences Multiply in the Netherland East Indies; Penfoei, Makassar, Soerabaja, Kendari, Langoan ….. Planning A Successful Mission; Anklam hit, Marienburg hit, Gdynia and Danzig hit, Woensdrecht hit ….. P-47s Chase Nazi Fighters ….. Value of Gun Camera: P-39 Tactics Against Japs Revealed by Films ….. A Preventable Tragedy ….. For the Photo Interpreter: Iron Smelters; Shihhweiyao, China and St. Nazaire, France, Cement Plants; Malaga, Spain and Bordeaux, France ….. Bombing in Balkans: Salonika, Larissa, Tirana, Athens, Tymbaki ….. Parachutes Pay Off; Here Is How You Get Ready to Bail ….. Invasion Map Corrected; Bougainville ….. Jungle, Sand and Mountains; ATC’s Accra-Marrakech Run Presents Varied Problems ….. From Bases in Italy; Montalto de Castro hit, Albinia hit, Wiener Neustadt hit, Stazione di Roeea hit, Bologna hit, ….. Flak Evasion; Flak over Italy – various photos of downed US planes; Planes hit over Vendeville, Lille; Bremen