IMPACT 1943 10 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 7
Cover: Shuttle across Alps
Articles Inside:
Enemy Shifts to Fighters and Defense; AAF attacks his fighters in air, on fields, and in factories
309 planes destroyed on Wewak fields in five days; Newly built-up Jap strength in New Guinea suffers violent decline; Boram, Dagua, But
Lae planes will fight again – for US; crash intelligence
“Fish in a Barrel” – P-38 top scorers; Foggia hit
94 planes destroyed in Southern France, Marseilles
How 13th handles Kahili
German fighters destroyed in air, as shown by gun camera films taken from P-47s  P-47 methods for meeting ( and evading) rear attack
Rugged P47s suffer battle damage but come home ( tail number 16235 )
Airfields hit: Le Bourget, Villacoublay
Wiener Neustad factory attacked
Schweinfurt and Regensburg – we give and take might blows
Paratroops Lead Lae Attack; Nadzab
Weather Hid Kiska Evacuation
Engineers Build and Rebuild, Tsili Tsili
ATC Serves Russian Lend-Lease; Iran, A-20s for Russia; Abadan, Khorramshahr; Col. Edward H. Porter
He Buzzed the Field – crashed P-38
Sic Transit Gloria, Munda
B-24s Sink Subs
PI Study of Ploesti Installations
Pre-Invasion view of bloody beachhead; Salerno, Cancello, Terni, Bologna, Brenner pass, Calore Valley, Italian Rail Lines Blasted