IMPACT 1943 07 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 4
The Mediterranean – visual aspects of continuing aerial victory; Frags fall on El Aouina airport  

Port by port, field by field, Italy hit unceasingly; Spezia, Naples, Leghorn, Civitavecchia, Messina, Reggio di Calabria, 
La Maddalena, Bo Rizzo, Catania, Foggia, Palermo, Bari
Master plan which wrecked Axis transport
Fighters over 
Mediterranean – a boxing attack, U.S. Spitfire pilot’s solution in combat with two Me-109 shown with scale models 
Axis plane graveyard – here lie victims of superior air power; the Me-323 – Like a dinosaur, only its skeleton is available for study 
Bombing accuracy and effects shown in captured cities; Tunis, Ferryville and La Goulette
Sousse study shows what bombs accomplish 

Soisse results from hits and near misses, instantaneous and short delay fusing Mediterranean itself proved no refuge for these moving targets ….. 
11th air force reconnoiters, bombs, strafing in Attu action
Study in contrast between ground, air photographs, Holz bay 

Army and Navy planes participate in Attu fighter action
We found landing strip almost completed by Japanese  

Attu down and Kiska to go: photos show defenses and details of damage at main camp area and North Head
What happens when bomber 

crew is forced down at sea; B-17
Bombs that rain ever increasingly on the unjust; Heligoland, Meaulte, Kiel, Flensburg  

The pitchers for 17 May: B-17s at Lorient, B-24S at Bordeaux; The results: Nazi ports are plastered in double-header, La Pallice  
They love to fight another day in spite of damage; photos of damaged planes, tail number 229699 B-17, 124009 B-24
For the Photo 
interpreter; How to tell radar from navigational beam installations; German radar at Domburg, La Hague, Ruffian, Benito, Wurzburg, 
Freya, Knickebein
Burma battle of the bridge and viaduct
Construction vs. destruction on the Myitnge  

Rail shops added target at Myitnge
Explosion within glass, front window of B-26