IMPACT 1943 06 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 3
Air support in Tunisia
Industrial forecast: declining production of motors, tanks and planes in occupied Europe;
Antwerp plants struck
Renault bombing is example of accuracy and concentration; two stages attack on Focke-Wulf
airplane factory in Bremen
Solution of one typical FW-190 attack; Eldon W. Audiss of the Duchess
Jap phosphate industry crippled; Funafuti bombing; Nauru
For the photo-interpreter; Licata, Pnatelleeia
What AAF drops besides bombs; leaflets, Kiri leaf, Cormorants, Afrika Korps, Kimon, surrender pass
Cruiser Trieste subtracted from the Italian navy
For the record: legitimate military targets hit in Japan; Doolittle raid,
picture of his smashed plane
Wake Island prior to Pearl Harbor and now
Field smothered by fragmentation; Milo airdrome
Fire is result of fragmentation in this attack; Castelvertrano airdrome in Sicily; fragmented and unfragmented bomb in pictures
Kokoda, Oivi-Wairope, Wairope
Air photos emphasize campaign lessons; New Guinea air-land offensive is made more realistic by pictorial study; Gona, Sanananda, Buna
Gona mission first to fall; Ayatosan Maru
Resistance at Buna in two areas
Allied trenches and photo map of Buna area operations
Sanananda last to fall, holds out three weeks after Buna
Cargoes of ammunition multiply bomb effect; Palermo
Softening Japanese in Aleutians; Attu
Amchitka air field built in a month
Blow-by-blow account of March 16, a busy day for Kiska
Advice based on 10 months of jungle survival; based on experiences of a B-26 crew, Marvin C. Hughes, Eugene D. Wallace, Dale E. Bordner
Air support in Mareth area
First hand accounts make minimum altitude lessons more specific; John P. Henebry, Roy J. Moore, E. J. Chuboda, Ivan P. Head
Bismarck Sea postscripts
Smoke screen at Brest