Illustrierter Luftwaffen Kurier-Ost 1942 05 10 nr 01 (PDF)



16 pages
On cover: General Der Flieger Ritter Von Greim Fledherrntum by Oberleutnant Otto Brues
Photo of a German bomber taking off; by war correspondent Leopold Knight Cross for Hauptmann Dr. Otte (Staffelkapitan); story by war correspondent Hans Caratiola
Photo by Grosse Luftwaffe building company; story by war correspondent Dr. Helmut Pessl
Servicing planes; drawings and text by Klumbies Snowy mud on Russian front; story by war correspondent Hermann Hauser
Drawings by Thiel Beatifull
German motherland: Munich, Donau, Stubaital Irma Boot by Joachim H. Wohl Hitlers Speech; Dr. Lay with Prof. Heinkel, minister Funk and Dr. Porsche
The Fuhrer and Duce in Salzburg