Illustrierter Beobachter 1943 12 16 nr 50 (PDF)


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Waffen-SS Unterscharfuehrer Hirning, is a season leader of a 150-men recon battalion; photo by SS war correspondent Cantzler (H.H.) … German workers doing their share; Orka-Duplex; photos by Krause-Naumann … Battle for Coo; photos by war correspondent Lehr (PBZ.) … Art group visiting german soldiers at the front, KdF at Wolchow; pictures by war correspondents Kurt Roth and Schmidt-Scheeder … Ernst Graf zu Reventlow; photo by Madeline Winkler … Doing business in the basement … “Henny Penny”, Mordecai Ezekiel and Louis H. Bean … Panzer oder Parfums, Mouson Lavendel