Illustrierter Beobachter 1943 05 06 nr 18 (PDF)


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In this situation is the African sun welcomed: German soldier using magnifying glass to light up his pipe; photo by war correspondent Pundsack (Wb.) … Joachim v. Ribbentrop and Nikolaus v. Horthy; photos by Gerd Baatz (Laux) … The Fuehrer with Marshall Antonescu, Dr. Schmidt, Dr. Meissner … SS war correspondent Franz Roth; his pictures, his service and his death; Kurt Meyer … A crew of a speed boat in the Mediterranean exercising; photos by war correspondent Brenner (Atl.) … Heinrich Eisen and his stories … The soul of the resistance: Hauptmann Ziegler and his troops at Noworossijsk; photos by war correspondent Langl (Atl.)