Illustrierter Beobachter 1943 04 22 nr 16 (PDF)


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During those few days when this fighter-pilot rests from the battlefield’s hardships he can allow some frivolous happiness in his life … War correspondent Karl Bayer explains in words and pictures his experiences during campaigns in France, Greece, Africa and the east front … German women employed in war industry receive Kriegsverdienstmedaille (war effort medals): Maria Mueller, Luise Bimesmeier, Elise Zeitner, Ottilie Kober, Anna Euler, Erna Hipp, Elli Sachs; photos by Inge Mantler … Trusty Ju88 comes home even though it was hit hard by enemy A/A; photos by war correspondent Ohmayer (Atl.) … Vierlingsflak – new effective weapon against enemy low level attacks; photos on A/A gun protecting german railroads on the east front and another during a drill in the Mediterranean; photos by war correspondent Etzold, Seuffert (Sch.) … German Grenadiers; photos by war correspondent Ebert (Sch) … Friendly visit from Japan: Masami Kuni and Michiko Tanaka … Children ballet with Margarte Hess