Illustrierter Beobachter 1943 04 15 nr 15


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Adolf Hitler 54 years old … Hitler welcomes Organisation Todt workers along with Albert Speer … Hitler and the youth … Hitler with Professor Dr. Porsche, Goering and Speer … Gloria: the agent from Tanger; photos and story from Maroco by Hermann Fiddickow … Muddy water in the trenches; photos by SS war correspondent Slapak … Eismeer Front (Ice-sea); photos by war correspondent Frass-Sch … Grischa controls the traffic near Leningrad; photos by war correspondent Slapak H.H. … 15 Grenadiers against over 300 russian cavalry; drawing by Lazarus … Good camouflaged PAK destroys a heavy soviet tank; photo by war correspondent Vorpahl (Weltbild)