Illustrierter Beobachter 1943 03 04 nr 09 (PDF)


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Ritterkreuztraeger Leutnant Merz explains to the young workers heroic struggles of german soldiers on the east front; photo by Theo Felten … Profile of a german infantry division: from the Divisionkommandeur to the Grenadiere; photos by war correspondent Pincornelly … A photo of a damaged Focke-Wulf 190, tail number 760, black 18 on fuselage; photo by war correspondent Meinhold … Albatros landing on a german cruiser; photo by war correspondent Knorr … Leningrad: German soldiers on constant alert; photos by war correspondent Wehmeyer (Atl.), Schuerer (Atl.), Schmidt-Scheeder (Scherl) … German transport pilots supplying their troops in every battle area; Ritterkreuztraeger Oberst Foerster and Oberfeldwebel Kreussel; photos by SS war correspondent Troll … Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller … RAD