Hellcat News 1944 08 03 nr 25 (PDF)




Can It Be The Breeze — Or Friday: Max Schwartz and William McLaughlin in gas masks cleaning fish —– Nobody Steals Money But Watch Your Socks A.F. Rinehart —– Inits To Compete For Tropy In All-Soldier Star Contest —– Five Hellcats Enter TAAF Tourney Today: Dick Young, Al Aguilar, Gordon Mackenzie, Jim Hale, Don Coombers —– G.C. Smith of Tennessee —– Alfred H. Carlson taking a shower outside —– Chaplain Silas E. Decker, Whitaker W. Shelton, and Herman G. Felhoelter —– When A Driver Wishes He Wasnt: M-7 Crew, Walter Fowler, Raymond Koenig, Lyle Hoosline, Stanley Eggers —— Lt. Gen McNair Killed In Action —– Sherry Britton —– Raymond Clapper Dead —– Doughboy Cools Off Gets in Hot Water: James S. Manning —– Free Legal Advice Available to Hellcats —– A Wolf Is Animal With A Good Conduct Medal, created by Leonard Sansone at Fort Belvoir, VA. —– Hats This Season Are Hot: Howard Peterson, Ventreece Winfield, George Wenrick refurbishing helmets —– Sports; Watch That Long Left, Ponder Jim Hale with Robert DeMasellis
Gerry Wright
This newspaper was sent home by Jerome Grossmann to Omaha, Nebraska
8 pages