Hawthorne Field, Orangeburg, South Carolina – School of Aeronautics (PDF)



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HAWTHORNE FIELD is the home of the Hawthorne School of Aeronautics and the 2162nd Army Air Forces Base Unit. It is one of
approximately 50 civilian schools under contract with the Army Air
Forces to give primary flight training to America’s future fighting pilots.
While military flight operations started at Orangeburg with the class of
42-D on October 4, 1941, Hawthorne is one of the oldest flying organizations in the South , having been established in 1932 at Charleston, S. C .
THE SCHOOL is situated 5 miles south of Orangeburg, a pleasant
South Carolina community of 14,000 in the heart of a rich farming
region whose principal product is cotton. 75 miles northwest of Charleston, Orangeburg is a county seat, the home of several manufacturing concerns, two colleges, and is served by two railroads. True southern hospitality is no more prevalent than among Orangeburg’s citizens.
IN ALL RESPECTS, the school is a true military academy where, under
the supervision of an Army staff, military and physical training are pursued as strenuously as the flight academics and flying training phases
which are handled by civilian instructors and supervisory personnel who have met rigid standards prescribed by the Army.
THE SCHOOL is under the Eastern Flying Training Command with
headquarters at Maxwell Field, Alabama, and is under the jurisdiction
of the 29th Training Wing, Moody Field , Georgia .
THE PICTURE on the opposite page symbolizes the gigantic task
of Victory to which all of us at Hawthorne are devoting our unstinting
Until the signposts to Rome, Berlin and Tokyo mean routes of peaceful travel our efforts will never diminish.
TO THE THOUSANDS of Hawthorne-trained pilots already in
combat and to the thousands more to come this book is respectfully