Hamburger Illustrierte 1944 12 07 nr 49 (PDF)


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On the Edge of the Stratosphere
Clouds under the Microscope.
At 10 500 meters high and 51 degrees the cold weather researcher races through his airborne observatory on the edge of the crystalline clouds of the stratosphere in order to determine the characteristics of those highest levels of clouds. By a “pistol grip” he acquires, cloud samples, ” and photographs them using a microscope camera. Additional pictures inside of this issue. Pk. Photograph: Lysiak War Correspondent
Munich – terror-bombed city, story by Wolfgang Weber
Extra pages: German troops clear out one of the recently held by Soviets towns in East Prussia, war correspondent Hebenstreit (Transocean)
Collection station in Warsaw; war correspondent Kluwe (Dt. Verl.)
General Wlassow with SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Lorenz in Prag, SS war correspondent Bogner (H.H.) OT changing lives of Russians
Prisoner camp brings many nations together; photos DAF Anne Marie Herzog *** Italian ladies helping the war effort; war correspondent Otfried Schmidt
Bergen town under rain; war correspondent Sanden (Scherl)
Muslim SS Riders; SS war correspondent Ganzert (Sch.)
Philharmonikgener – new Tobis-Film: Paul Verhoeven, Eugen Kloepfer, Theodor Loos, Will Quadfllieg, Malte Jaeger, Karl Boehm, Eugen Jochum, Hans Knappertsbusch, Richard Strauss
Light alarm, soviets coming; SS correspondent Stille (Sch.)
Covering town in fog, correspondent Meisinger (Sch.)