Hamburger Illustrierte 1944 08 26 nr 35 (PDF)



Cover: Germany needs everyone! Do your part in this war effort; photo by Karl Krueger (Bavaria)
Articles inside:
German navy-flak unit in search for terrorists in a small French town; photos by war correspondent Beuchling (Sch)
Soviets trapped by German troops, a picture of a Sherman tank captured and now operated by the Germans; photos by SS war correspondent Groenerl
German youth with red cords (die rote Kordel), the boys born in 1928 are called to serve the country; picture shows “Appell des bannes 31 in Hamburg-Altona” with Generalleutnant Hoernlein speaking to the boys; photos by Hugo Schmidt
Fallschirmjaeger troops delivering munitions to the front lines in east Italy; photos by war correspondent Seeger (Atl)
Die jungen Adler der Invasionfront – Made of the best wood: German youth meets the invasion forces, Hauptmann Robert Weiss; story by war correspondent Hans-A.Kestner (Sch)