Hamburger Illustrierte 1939 10 16 nr 42 (PDF)


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German navy troops marching by Konterdmiral Schmundt in Danzig (Gdansk) … According to wikipedia “Hubert Schmundt joined the Kaiserliche Marine (German Imperial Navy) as a cadet in 1908 and was commissioned as a lieutenant in 1911. He was serving with the German East Asia Squadron aboard SMS Scharnhorst between 1910 and 1913 and returned to Germany in 1913.
During World War I he was flag lieutenant of the 3rd destroyer flotilla and commanded the destroyer V71 being promoted to Kapitanleutnant in 1918. Schmudt was awarded the Iron Cross first and second class. … Schmunt remained in the Navy after the end of the war and in the 1920s commanded the torpedo boat S18 and served as a staff officer. He was promoted to Korvettenkapitanin 1927 and served as an aide to Defence Minister Wilhelm Groener between 1929 and 1932. During the 1930s Schmunt commanded the light cruisers Konigsberg (193435) and Nurnberg (193536). He became commander of the Naval Academy Murwik in 1938 and was promoted to Rear Admiral.
In the Second World War Schmundt commanded the Bergen warship group during Operation Weserubung (squadron group consisted of light cruisers Koln (flagship) and the Konigsberg, an artillery training ship Bremse, torpedo boat tender “Karl Peters, destroyers ” Wolf ” and ” Leopard “, and a group of small warships). Subsequently Schmundt served as Admiral commanding Northern Norway (194142) including commanding Operation Wunderland, and as commander of German forces in the Baltic (194344). He was dismissed in April 1944 and taken prisoner by the British in 1945. He was released in 1947”