Gulfport Field – Mississippi (PDF)



Gulfport Field, Mississippi, an Airplane Mechanics’ School of the Technical Training Command of the Army Air Forces, is one of the latest United States Army installations and was designed to provide a flow of trained mechanics to the nation’s fighting forces. It was established in April, 1942, under the command of Colonel Alfred L. Jewett. It is one of the installations of the practical program of the Army Air Forces Technical Training Command, and was established to prepare mechanics quickly and efficiently to meet a national emergency. This is the second station to be established on the Mississippi Gulf Coast by Major General Walter R. Weaver, commanding the Army Air Forces Technical Training Command. Within its first year Gulfport Field won the coveted Third District Army Air Forces Technical Training Command Banner for Efficiency, awarded by Major General Jacob E. Fickel, Third District Commander. Gulfport Field is simplified and streamlined for effective service. Through the co-operation of capable officers and responsive men, who take pride in their station, it is being constantly improved. Under constructive leadership it has already graduated thousands of airplane mechanics who look back upon their training experiences with patriotic appreciation and into the future with high purpose. The role of airplane mechanic is most technical. Upon his skill depends the lives of flying members of the crew. His task in the Great Adventure is less dramatic than activities performed by some soldiers, but it is just as essential. The airplane mechanic does the groundwork that inspires little poetry and less song, but his is the exacting responsibility of keeping the planes aloft on their mission of victory. Through his labors and devotion he is in the midst of every conflict. He answers his country’s call to the colors in a fighting spirit and, in the performance of his arduous duties, he lifts our nation to new glory as the American Eagle spreads winning wings to a greater destiny.