Glenview Naval Air Station, 1950s (PDF)



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Naval Air Station, Glenview was built in 1942 on the site
of the old Curtiss-Wright Airport. The station covers 1,500
acres and has 1,300,000 yards of concrete runways and
landing mats.
During World War II, over 8,500 aviation cadets received
primary flight training at Glenview; in addition, 15,000
navy and marine pilots were qualified in carrier landings.
Today, the Naval Air Station houses five commands: The
Naval Air Reserve Training ‘ Command; The Marine Air
Reserve Training Command; The Naval Air Technical
Training Unit; the Station itself and the Marine Air Detachment.
The Naval Air Reserve Training Command is under the
Chief of Naval Air Reserve Training, Rear Admiral Austin
K. Doyle, USN. From his command post at Naval Air
Station, Glenview, Admiral Doyle and his staff control the
operations of twenty-seven naval air stations and units
throughout the United States.
The Marine Air Reserve Training Command, for the past
two years, has been under the command of Brigadier General
William O. Brice, USMC. Recently the general was
relieved of his command at Glenview by Colonel David F .
O’Neil, for duty in the Korean area. Colonel O’Neil as Commander, Marine Air Reserve Training controls the
operations of all Marine Air Detachments at twenty-five
Naval Air Stations throughout the Command.
The Naval Air Technical Training Unit (Combat Information
Center School) is under the command of Captain Wallace
B. Mechling, USN. The CIC School is the largest airborne
radar and ground school of its kind. The school plays
an important role in furnishing trigger-quick, straight
thinking minds for the ships of the U. S. Navy. In addition
to training naval and marine personnel, the school has
trained hundreds of Air Force personnel, as well as officers
of Allied Forces.
The Naval Air Station, Glenview, forms the fourth command,
and is one of the twenty-seven naval air stations
under the command of the Chief of Naval Air Reserve
Training. The Commanding Officer is Captain Richard
M. Oliver, USN. The station conducts the training of 1600
Weekend Warriors, in addition to 2,500 Volunteer Reservists
and four A VUA Units, located in three states: Illinois,
Iowa and Wisconsin.
The Marine Air Detachment is one of twenty-five of its
kind throughout the United States. It is under the command
of Lieutenant Colonel William M. Frash, USMC.