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HOW MUCH DO YOU WEIGH? IF YOU WANT TO SEE, look out for g. Yes, g stands for Gravity. It stands for one times gravity. You are withstanding one g right now sitting in that chair. One g is normal. You have been withstanding one g all your life. When you come down in an elevator and stop quickly you may withstand two g’s (or more). Two g’s means two times gravity and they make you twice as heavy momentarily. If you jump off a chair and hit the deck without bending your knees you can create 10 g’s or more for a split fraction of a second. Your weight is multiplied by 10 in that brief moment. When you slow down, speed up, or change direction while walking or in an airplane you create g’s. “Okay,” you say, “If I can withstand 10 g’s jumping off a chair, why can’t I withstand 10 g’s in an airplane without blacking out?” The winning answer is that you usually withstand the g’s longer in an airplane … for several seconds, not fractions of seconds. time is the thing. If you “took” the g’s which you created jumping off the chair for as long as several seconds you or anybody else would pass out colder than a penguin. Your blood like the rest of you gets heavier under the effects of g so heavy in fact that the heart cannot pump it to the brain. The brain “starves” from lack of oxygen and WHAMBO out go the lights