Free Philippines 1945 02 18 nr 31 (PDF)


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VOL.1 (2 pages)
U.S. Fleet Hits Tokyou, Vice Admiral Marc A. Mitscher
American Troops Take Clark Field Near Manila, soldier equipped with a flame thrower photo
Osmena Regime Helps Restore Sugar Industry And Rice Mills on Leyte Philippines War Damage Bill Studied
Chinese Cut Rail Lane
Hard Fight for Manila Nears End
Abandoned by Tokyo, By-Passed Garrisons Face Hopeless Future
Japs move factories following B-29 Raids
New Heavy Destroyer ” Steinaker ”
3 U.S. worships lost: escort carrier Ommaney Bay, minesweeper Long and sub Tang
64 Nurses of Bataan Days Start Homeward by Plane
Mourned for 2 years girl guerrilla lives: Mrs. Julia Peters