Fort Benning Georgia Pictorial Revue (PDF)



60 pages
Cover: Sergeant Daniel J. Rosser from Grantville, Ga now in 29th Infantry.
For more than twenty years the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia, has been implanting the qualities of leadership and superior military knowledge in thousands of officers and enlisted specialists of the Army of the United States. Today, in the crisis of war, it has also been given the tremendous task of training thousands of soldiers to become officers of infantry. The basic jump training of parachute troops is under Infantry School supervision. The vital Infantry Board is housed in the school building and works in close cooperation with the school. Over an area of more than 150,000 acres, on all forms of terrain, under every conceivable condition of warfare, the Infantry School goes forward with its task of helping mold the greatest fighting force ever known to man. The Infantry School was first established in October, 1918, on the Macon Road about three miles east of Columbus. Previously it had been known in successive stages as the School of Musketry in Monterey, California, and the School of Small Arms Fire at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. After several months in its Columbus location the school moved to its present position, nine miles south of Columbus, on the site of the old Bussey plantation. The School has numbered many distinguished soldiers at its head, among them General George C. Marshall, present Chief of Staff, who served a tour of duty as Assistant Commandant, and Major General Courtney C. Hodges, head of the newly-created Replacement and School Command, who has been a recent Commandant of the School. Present Commandant is Brigadier General Leven C. Allen, formerly of the Army General Staff in Washington. The motto of the Infantry School is “Follow Me,” the prescribed command given by the infantry squad or platoon leader when the time comes for direct action against an enemy. These words, implying so much of direct leadership, indicate the position of the school in the army structure. It is an institution whose responsibility is to keep abreast of all the many new developments that are constantly occurring in a branch of the army called “The Queen of Battles.”