Flying Cadet 1944 09 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 7 ……. Cover: Resembling fiction “Men from Mars” in this Boeing Strato-Chamber, these two engineers are convinced only by real reaction of airplane materials to stratospheric conditions. / Photo Boeing Airplane Co. ……. Articles Inside: …

Mustang versus FW-190 / By Keith Ayling

Your Plane is What you call It (Nose Art)

Big Bertha of World War II (B-29)

Fog / By Niels C. Beck

Flying Jeeps

Higher and Higher / By Lt. Alexander Joseph

Guiding the Flight / By Cdr. Scott G. Lamb

A-20 Havoc

Split-Second Interception / By Russ Brinkley

Whetting the Engines Whistle

Weather Fighter

Waves in the Air (Women)

To Shoot or Not to Shoot / By H. Emerson Roney

Cooling Plus

New Thunderbolts

Trick Icing