Flying Cadet 1944 07 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 6 ……. Cover: “Pretty serious responsibility taking over the controls for Uncle Sam.” That’s what Tom is thinking as he watches for the take-off signal. And probably at that very moment the same thought occurs to hundreds of Toms who are doing their jobs just as quietly and well in every part of the world. ……. Articles Inside: …

Escort Fighters By Keith Ayling

Fighter Tips

We Flew An Avenger By Theodore S. Malikowski as told to J. D. Freudy

Formation Flying By Lt. W. T. Bowcott USNR

Never Too Hot

Target: Frankfurt! By 2nd Lt. Arthur T. Howard

Slots and Flaps By Lt. Alexander Joseph

Radio Forges Our Sky Trails By Commander Scott G. Lamb

They Learn to Fly for China

Lift in the Air By Niels C. Beck

Can You Take It? By Eric Sloane

To Shoot or Not To Shoot? By 1st Lt. Louis L. Snyder

Do Tell!

P-38 Camera Special

Fly Leaves