Flying Cadet 1944 03 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 3 ……. Cover: “Learn to do by doing” is the theory behind this dummy flying class. The boys seem thoroughly engrossed in their lesson. Let’s hope they’ll remember it one of these days when their lives may depend upon it! / Photo Fairchild Aircraft ……. Articles Inside: …

Do Tell.

Navy Wings

Nature’s Airmen Amaze Us / By Phil Glanzer

Steady There—Whoa! — Introduction to Aerodynamics / By Lt. Alexander Joseph

Jet Motors and Powder Rockets / By Robert Burris

Some Fix! / By Cdr. Scott G. Lamb

Glide. Kelly. Glide!

Engines and Engines

The Zero is No Goose-Egg / By Keith Ayling

It’s the Humidity / By Niels C. Beck

To Shoot or Not to Shoot? / By H. Emerson Roney

Fly Leaves

Introducing the Dodo