Flying Aces 1941 08 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXIX No. 1 … The Cover : Douglas B-19 World’s Largest Airplane – Artist August Schomburg ……. Lead Articles :

Is Japan a Real Air Power? – The true story by one who knows!

Notes on Nazi Technique – Secrets of the famous Me 110 by Jack Kolton

Death Dives the Douglas – Eric Trent faces a new, more puzzling mystery. by Donald E. Keyhoe

How a Micrometer Works – They’re small, but very necessary. by Charles Conklin

“I Dropped 24,800 Feet!” – By the World’s Champion Woman Chute Jumper. by Marie McMillin

The Haunted Bomber – Crash gets conked by a vanishing assailant! by Arch Whitehouse

Finishing School for Engineers – Even technical men need brushing-up. by Joel Wynfield

Across the ‘Glades by Cub – Two men in a light plane battle the swamp! by Donn Hale Munson

“I Don’t Like Light Planes!” – Mr. Yerkow says he’ll take the heavier jobs. by Charles Yerkow

Nieport News – Phineas pulls an n.g. and gets under the m.g.’s! by Joe Archibald

Lines on the Lancer – Tidbits about Republic’s new Air Corps P-43. by William L. Wilson